How often should I be having massage treatments?

People often ask me 'how regularly should I be having treatments?' This is dependent on your presenting problem as well as personal and financial circumstances.

But generally speaking, in order to identify, assess, treat and improve a specific pain area or an emotional crisis then weekly treatments will no doubt produce the best results.

If we’re dealing with an area of pain, this could actually be coming from a totally different area of the body which will take time to identify, and then begin to encourage the body to take up the offer of change in order to reduce your pain, improve your mobility and strength and most importantly of all, maintain it.

If the body and mind have been in a particular state for a long time and treatment isn't consistent, it will just revert back very quickly. I work holistically, taking into account the body and mind as one. They are connected afterall and what affects one, affects the other.

Once improvement is made after regular treatments, then it’s advisable to drop to every two weeks and then eventually a monthly maintenance treatment will help preserve all the hard work we’ve done.

This is why I introduced the 5for4 offer for those attending weekly and fortnightly. This saves a decent 20% on each treatment as finances tend to be the main reason why people are unable to commit to improving their wellbeing.

Once you attend regularly, you suddenly realise how much more beneficial it is than attending every now and then. Which usually happens once the pain gets too much to bear or the mental strain finally overflows your bucket! When this happens, one treatment will help you feel better for the short-term but it won't address or help the underlying issues to ultimatley make a positive difference to your long-term health and wellbeing.