If you're anything like me & your life is a busy juggling act, then you're someone who appreciates those rare moments when you can just STOP. This is only something I have learnt how to do recently!

Me too!

Over the past few years, I have become comfortable talking about my mental health, my experience of stress & anxiety, how it has affected my life & how it has led me to who & where I am today. What has encouraged me more, is the reaction I get from people. It's almost a sense of relief when they realise that it's not just them, it's not all in their head & there is a way forward.

My journey to becoming a massage therapist began because my mind & body hit the pause button on me. I was a bit lost to be honest & at times didn't recognise my own face in the mirror. I was the one who always held it together. I had done so relatively successfully, until all those small things that I'd not processed or come to terms with crept up on me, culminating in what can only be described as total burnout due to a prolonged period of high stress. I was trying to secretly cover-up feelings of constant irrational worry, taking on too much & not being aware of the impact that it was having on not only myself, but the people around me. 

It was time for a reality check, a time to learn how to talk about my feelings & the perfect time to make a change. It wasn't going to beat me!


Why Massage Therapy?

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I've always loved to treat myself to the odd massage here & there; it made me feel relaxed & reset. But until I started studying massage & bodywork, I didn't realise how much my mind & body were benefiting & how regular massages as part of a healthy well-being routine can truly change your life. 

So becoming a massage therapist has been more that just a career change for me. It saved me & gave me the opportunity to feel more like myself & also satisfy my innate need to help people. After that period of time of self-reflection, big decisions, leaps of faith, commitment & hard work I can look back & feel proud of myself & what I am achieving. It's been hard; I've pulled myself out of a deep hole of worthlessness, I've continued to work 3 jobs at one point, be a mummy & a wife. I've been hormonal & tired, & at times extremely difficult to live with! I still battle the niggling worries about whether my business will be a success & whether people will like me. I fight hard not to compare myself to others & to feel confident enough to trust my instincts. I've come to realise that no matter how big or small your task, if you can be proud of yourself & know that you are doing your best...then you're winning!

I am able to hold a calm, nurturing space for you to press your reset button & allow your mind & body the opportunity to drop down into such a state that it can heal itself from day to day pressures. Ones that manifest themselves in physical pain, mental exhaustion & anxiety. I get it...I've been there. This is why I do it & I love it. 



When I'm not zenning out in my therapy room; I'm a busy mum to two boys, renovating a house and working as business administrator for the school I trained with, School of Bodywork. I love learning & will continue to develop my skills to be the perfect therapist to help you on your wellbeing & recovery journey. 

I live in beautiful Devon where I have grown up. As a family we have the perfect balance of chilling & vegging, watching movies that I want to watch whilst the kids 'game', but we  also love bike riding & walking in the countryside that we have on our doorstep. I love nothing more than a glass of red on a cosy winters evening or a chilled gin in the summer. I adore my friends even though I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. I dislike unkind & rude people & also toast that is too toasted!

Thank you for reading

Rachel x

What I've learnt...Embrace the hard times; they make you stronger & more determined. But be kind to yourself, accept your limitations & ask for help when you need it.